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INVITATION - Seminar Young Engineers@Work

27th of March 2024

Etex Group, Passport Building

Brussel Luchthaven Nationaal, Gebouw 1K, 1930 Zaventem


Call for papers for “Engineers@Work” – deadline 25th of February 2024


The Belgian National Group of ITA, ABTUS-BVOTS, has the pleasure of inviting you to attend the seminar “Young Engineers@Work” on 27th of March 2024 at the Etex Office, Passport Building, Brussels Airport, Building 1K in Zaventem, Belgium. This seminar is especially meant for young engineers to exchange knowledge. The seminar is open to all professionals interested in underground engineering regardless their age, but apart from the keynote speaker, all presenters are young engineers under 35 years of age. This seminar offers young engineers the opportunity to present their interesting research, innovations, hallenging engineering or construction projects to an audience of fellow colleagues from the sector in underground structures. The seminar is an excellent platform to share experiences among experienced and young engineers.

We are looking forward to receiving interesting papers from young engineers under 35 years of age (born 1989 or later). Please submit a two-page paper in English by 25th of February 2024 using the template on this LINK. The two-page paper can present products, projects, research, experiences, etc… The language is English. The papers will be evaluated and reviewed by the scientific committee of the seminar, which will lead to an acceptance or rejection. When accepted, in due time, you are asked to prepare either a presentation or a poster on A1 format, together with a short pitch presentation. The paper itself – if accepted - will be part of the proceedings which will be made available for all attendees. All presentations will be in English.


Awards – 2 prizes


The best oral and poster presentation will be awarded with € 250,-. The jury consists of representatives from researchers, design offices and contractors. The decision of the jury is based on the paper itself and the presentation (oral presentation of poster presentation).




13h00    Reception Seminar

13h30 – 13h40  Introduction Seminar (ABTUS/BVOTS: Johan Mignon (president) – and Bart De Pauw (secretary)):


13h40 – 14h25  Keynote Lecture (Hans Plets - Member of the Einstein Telescope Board of Governmental Representatives · Chair of the Einstein Telescope Board of Scientific Representatives)

“Will ET land in Belgium?”

14h25 – 15h05  Presentation Session 1 (chairman Bart De Pauw)

Selected presentations & Poster pitch presentations

15h05 – 15h35   Break

15h35 – 16h55  Presentation Session 2 (chairman Bart De Pauw)

Selected presentations & Poster pitch presentations

16h55 – 17h05   Roadmap to WTC2027 Antwerp (Bart De Pauw) – laureates

17h05 – 17h15   Prices & Closing Ceremony

17h15 – 19h30   Networking: Reception & walking dinner

Participation - Bijdrage - Contribution


€ 75 (*) for young engineers under 35 years of age (born 1989 or later) – members and non-members

€ 125 (*) membres - leden - members.

€ 195 (*) non-membres - niet leden – non-members.

(*) En franchise de TVA - Vrij van BTW - Free of VAT (art. 44W.BTW).

Inscription - Inschrijving - Registration     


Par mail à - Per Mail aan - By mail to:  (+ 32 (0)474 56 46 77)

Jusqu’au 25 mars 2023 - Tot 25 maart 2023 - Till 25th of March 2024.


Déclaration obligatoire - Verplichte vermelding - Required mention:

1.                   Nom - Naam - Name.

2.                   Prénom - Voornaam - Surname.

3.                   Société - Bedrijf – Company (and number TVA)

4.                   Adresse - Adres – Adress (and phone number)

5.                   E-mail Adresse - Adres – Addres

6.                   Geboortejaar

7.            Participe à la journée d’étude et verse la somme de € 75/125/195/600* au compte n° BE10 3100 0039 9204 de l’ABTUS/BVOTS. Neemt deel aan de studiedag en stort € 75/125/195/600* op rekeningnum­mer BE10 3100 0039 9204 van ABTUS/BVOTS. Attends the study day and deposits  € 75/125/195/600* on account number BE10 3100 0039 9204 of ABTUS/BVOTS.



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