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Beyond a tunnel vision (Brussels) - CONGRESS NEWS

On 27/11/2018 BVOTS-ABTUS will organise together with COB, KPT & KIVI-TTOW , Ie-net en AWV/TOV a european conference - BEYOND A TUNNEL VISION

Tunnels are vital links in any transportation network. Short periods of closure for maintenance or repairs always generate nuisance. Long periods of closure for renovations will logically lead to severe congestions. For too long, the tunnel community has accepted this nuisance and chaos as a natural side effect of tunnel operations. This is no longer acceptable!

The Beyond A Tunnel Vision conference will challenge old paradigms and move beyond our current, rather narrow, tunnel vision on the management and maintenance of these critical infrastructural assets.

Is zero-congestion maintenance a utopia? Are just-in-time and first-time-right interventions idle dreams? Is moving from silo-thinking to co-creating really that hard in our industry? Why can’t we turn renovation challenges into value creators? Imagine we could disrupt the way tunnels are perceived: from annoying and unsafe pipes to vital and energy-neutral infrastructure with a clear, positive impact on people’s lives!

We expect over 250 representatives of the European infrastructure community will debate, during this one-day conference, on how to define and implement a groundbreaking approach for the management and renovation of underground infrastructure. By integrating the combined knowledge of owner-operators, tunnel managers, consultants, contractors and suppliers, we are bound to find new ideas and initiatives originating from a shared mission.

The organising committee looks forward to meeting all tunnel-related experts at this unique conference. Now is the time to agree on a shared vision, and to kick-start a comprehensive process of co-creation. Let’s face it, we all know we need to welcome the fourth industrial revolution in our niche industry, and you can be part of it!

This conference is organised with the support of The Government of the Brussels-Capital Region and endorsed by the International Tunneling and underground space Association (ITA).


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