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On Monday 26th November the Belgian Tunnel Federation (ABTUS-BVOTS) hosted the annual BEFIPS-meeting. The representing countries in the BEFIPS-community are: Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland & Spain. Every participating country was represented by two board members or president. Belgium launched this year the idea to involve als the ‘young members’ (<35 y.o.) of each country. Separatly the ‘senior’ and ‘young’ members exchanged ideas about the functioning of their federation. Ideas, congress dates, suggestions about WG-topics were exchanged.

The second part was a technical visit of the Brussels North-South-link. Tucrail (an engineering and project management office specialised in rail infrastructure) represented in ABTUS-BVOTS by our secretary general Bart De Pauw, invited us to get insight in the modernisation of this important tunnel network.

A very succesful day for all thirty participants! Next BEFIPS-meeting will be organized in Portugal in 2019.

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