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26 March 2019: Belgian seminar on immersed and floating tunnels

Download the complete seminar brochure HERE

Although the last Belgian immerged tunnel goes back to 1982, this technique did not stand still at international level. On the contrary, with an increasing worldwide demand of important strategic connections, to cope with mobility problems and to promote economic growth, some major projects with the technology of sinking are on being programmed or under construction. Even more, to limit the investment costs, new techniques in floating tunnels are being developed. In Belgium, a new tunnel in the context of the Oosterweel connection is in its design phase. It is high time to get further acquainted with this technique and its progress in recent years through this study day!

This workshop gives a broad overview of recent projects of immerged and floating tunnels by a number of different presentations and explains the current innovations in these techniques. Engineering offices, contractors and consulting engineers share their expertise and hope to contribute to a deeper and broader knowledge of immerged tunnels on the Belgian market. In addition, the seminar also offers the opportunity to highlight the international character of our association ABTUS-BVOTS. Beyond our activities close to home, our association also offers a source of information within an international network. Not only do we share our knowledge among our foreign partners, we also try to form the basis of progressive and new and innovative insights into the organization, the regulations and the development of tunnel projects and underground techniques and urban development through the ITA (International Tunneling and Underground Space Association). An overview of the relevant working group within the ITA “WG11 - Immersed and Floating Tunnels” is explained!

Therefore, we warmly invite all partners from the engineering world to participate in this seminar. Representatives from the academic sector, students, architects, engineering offices, construction companies, consultants and inspection organizations as well as public and private owners are expected. The program is also offering opportunities for asking questions and for discussion, thus trying to stimulate numerous reactions and valuable comments or concerns. We want to stimulate an interesting exchange of opinions on our Belgian expertise within the international forum. We hope that each

participant leaves the seminar filled with interesting thoughts and inspired for further discussion.

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