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Promat Belgium helps build a safe tunnel complex in Amsterdam - NEWS

The massive new Gaasperdammer tunnel complex in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a very special project for our collective member Promat and their factory in Tisselt (close to Mechelen, Belgium).

During the construction of the tunnel complex it became clear that the project did not meet the necessary fire safety regulations. A solution needed to be found urgently. As a result, Promat achieved the largest order ever for Promatect®-T boards, resulting in 280,000 m² of heat shield in the tunnel. The tunnel complex now complies with the strictest fire safety requirements. Promatect®-T ensures that in the event of a fire there is enough time to evacuate the tunnel safely and thus save lives.

The Promatect®-T boards had to be delivered quickly, so that the further construction of the tunnels would not be delayed too much.

From September 2018 onwards, the production of a buffer stock on the Promatect®-T line at the factory in Tisselt started. Thus, a continuous supply of the necessary materials could be guaranteed to the project.

In order to be able to supply the necessary volumes, an additional line was converted to a production line for Promatect®-T at the factory in Tisselt.

On average Promat delivered 8000 m² per week to the project. That’s more than a big football field of Promatect®-T boards. In total Promat delivered a gigantic 280,000 m² of Promatect®-T boards to the project. This is about the same size as 40 football pitches, 100,000 boards or about 300 full trucks.

Name: Gaasperdammer Tunnel


  • 5 tubes of 3 km in length and 73 m wide

  • 332,000 m³ of concrete

  • 280,000 m² of tunnel wall

  • 100 000 Promatect®-T boards

  • 1.2 million stainless steel anchors to attach the plates

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