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CALL FOR PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL - WTC2027 + 50th anniversary

As you maybe know, BVOTS-ABTUS, part of the international tunnel organization ITA, is celebrating its 50th birthday in 2027.

In that very same year, we have the possibility to bring the annual World Tunnel Congress “WTC 2027” to Belgium - Antwerp, and we would like to use this opportunity to show our achievements in tunneling and underground structures to the world.


Therefore, we need your help. We are looking for promotional material that can be freely distributed and that we can use in publications, bid book, posters, videos, etc. By the end of this year, we will make a selection of the best pieces in order to show a variety of our Belgian competences. This can also be an opportunity for your company to show our competences on a national or an international level.


If you are in the possession of some old or recent videos and pictures related to tunnels and underground structures, please be so kind to send them to us. The focus will be on Belgium but it is no problem to also include some of our international efforts.


Some possible areas of interest might be:

  • Our involvement in different tunneling competences: conventional tunneling, TBM, rock tunneling, etc.

  • Investigation on geological disposal of nuclear waste

  • Environmental projects

  • Tunnel heritage & history

  • Underground building projects / underground space / underground architecture

  • Tunnel safety

  • Future visions


For your convenience, we have created a digital environment OneDrive where you can drop your material. The link you can find below. We would only ask that you put your company, the project name, the year and location in the file name so we can show the correct references in publishing.

But of course, you can also send it by e-mail if you prefer to  or



Many thanks in advance for your contributions and please don’t hesitate to forward this mail to other colleagues that might be interested.


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