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Jobsite visit A16 - ACTIVITY REPORT

On 28 February, a 20-strong delegation from ABTUS-BVOTS and ie-net crossed the border towards the Netherlands. The programme featured a visit to the A16 project in Rotterdam. As we are used to from our northern neighbours, we were welcomed with great enthusiasm at the project's experience centre. As we know from previous visits to Dutch projects, they attach enormous importance to providing information to third parties (neighbours, road users, interest groups, schools, etc.). once again, we may say admiringly: more than well done. Let these experience centres transfer to Belgian projects so that major infrastructure works are well received by the general public in this way.

Thanks to the presence of Besix in the temporary association 'de Groene Boog/DGB', we were able to put together a strong technical programme. We were given a detailed technical presentation by project director Dieter Behaeghel and pre-design manager Kenneth Wyns. Seamlessly followed by a realistic view on the implementation by Markus Büttner (senior project manager implementation subarea 2). To conclude, another explanation was given by the person responsible for the VTTI (tunnel technical equipment/tunnel technische installatie).

Not just words, but a guided tour with several stops across the project by bus was made possible. A true tunnel safari through all aspects of the A16 project.

We already knew that the Dutch can rightly be proud of their knowledge of waterworks techniques, but we Belgians can also rightly be proud that we were able to help build this project. Congratulations Besix for this realisation and we keep our fingers crossed for a flawless delivery of this project.

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