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Jobsite visit tunnel Grosses Battes & Kinkempois - ACTIVITY REPORT

At the end of August 2022, we welcomed more than 50 interested parties to the site visit of the Grosses Battes & Kinkempois tunnel renovation works.

From mid-July until mid-August 2022, a period of 1 month, ABTUS-BVOTS-collective member Promat delivered 27 000m² PROMATECT®-T to the tunnels of Kinkempois and Grosses Battes (Liège). Following the damage caused by the 2021 flooding of the area around Liège, SOFICO together with SPW (owner) planned an accelerated rehabilitation of these two important tunnels. Along with new lighting, detection, communication, this tunnel was also made compliant with the highest structural protection requirements, HCM120.

As this tunnel is located on a very important traffic axis (E25-E40), the execution period was extremely short. To limit traffic congestion, installation of the fire protection boards, which can only be carried out at night or with even partial traffic, have been grouped together in July/August, which is the "least restrictive" period with an average of 80,000 vehicles using the tunnels each day.

ABTUS-BVOTS-collective member GTA was in charge of general site management and installation of the fire protection boards.

The programme included a presentation of the E25-E40 link and the ongoing renovation works that had to be brought forward after the floods in July 2021; a site visit of the two tunnels where renovation works were in progress, as well as the technical premises and the traffic management centre. This visit was a collaboration between the organisations BWV / ABTUS-BVOTS / SPW MI / SOFICO.


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