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Journées Techniques Nationales de l’AFTES 2022 - ACTIVTY REPORT

On 26-27 October, our sister association held a well-attended congress entitled 'Journées Techniques Nationales de l’AFTES'. More than 400 visitors were able to enjoy a very well-argued programme in Chambéry. There was a lot of attention for the gigantic TELT project (8.6 billion euro project value, 162 km tunnels, 8000 workers). Very animated lectures on the project history, present and future were explained by the various interveners. That we as experienced tunnelers should not only focus on the technical side of the assignment, but also not forget the impact on the environment, region, etc. was very prominently highlighted. Such a long-term project (>10 years) obviously causes a peak in the labour market and must be handled in a very coordinated way, without losing sight of the threats and opportunities for local residents.

The second part was reserved for manufacturers who came to present materials, innovations and products. A very varied programme with the latest novelties in the French tunnelling world.

The conference was also an opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AFTES. The rich history of the association was reinforced in the presence of past presidents Jean-Pierre Pronost, Jean Philippe, Alain Balan and Yann Leblais. The good relationship between ABTUS-BVOTS and AFTES was once again made clear during an extensive slide show. The many photos of our members (including the late Willy De Lathouwer) at AFTES events show the strong bond. We obviously hope to perpetuate this in the future. We wish our sister association and their president Michel Deffayet. many more fruitful years in spreading and supporting the knowledge of the French tunnel world.

ABTUS-BVOTS was represented on behalf of Bernard Boeckx and one of our members Denys (through Maarten Vanneste, Dirk Derycke & Johan Van Wassenhove) was able to give a lecture on their recently proposed Dreamcutter (see previous posts).


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